JAECO Orthopedic's End-to-End Lifecycle solutions make us unique in our field. We manufacture our products with pride and cutting edge technology and our support of those products is taken seriously.

Feel free to submit an inquiry directly to our support staff regarding any application requirements. We will be glad to contact you and guide you through the process. By email, fax or phone call we'll be happy to assist.

We have posted the most current product information and specifications on our website to save our consumers time when using JAECO's products. View the tabs below for quick reference materials such as Product Ordering Procedures and Product Assembly Manuals.

The inherant customization needs of most our customers makes it very difficult to sell our products as is online. Please take a few minutes to view our Product Ordering Procedures and contact us if you have any further questions about the process.

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Step 1 - Clinical Evaluation Data

For those JAECO Orthopedic products that require fitting to client's size, such as: MAS arm size, Forearm Support length, and Wrist hand orthosis, the order process starts with the clinical measurement information.

JAECO Orthopedic has provided a set of Product Order Forms in the web site's Support section. These forms will guide you through all the data required when ordering product needing client measurement data.

Step 2 Order Process

JAECO Orthopedic products are available directly from JAECO or through JAECO's national and international distributors:

Distributor Order Information

Sammons Preston - a Patterson Medical Company
P.O. Box 5071
Bolingbrook, IL 60440-5071 U.S.A.

Phone toll-free: 800-323-5547
Fax toll-free: 800-547-4333
Email: customersupport@sammonspreston.com
Website: www.sammonspreston.com
Website: www.patterson-medical.com

North Coast Medical, Inc.
18305 Sutter Boulevard
Morgan Hill, CA 95037-2845 U.S.A.

Toll Free US & Canada: 800.821.9319
Local/International: 408.776.5000
Toll Free Fax: 877.213.9300
Email: custserv@ncmedical.com
Website: www.northcoastmedical.com

EU Distribution:

Able2 UK Ltd
Moorgate Street, Blackburn, Lancs. BB2 4 PB
Telephone: 01254 619000
Fax: 01254 619001
Email: enquiries@able2.eu
Website: www.able2.eu

For those JAECO products not sold through distribution or which require special fabrication, FAX the completed client measurement information along with your order to : FAX#: 501.623.0159.



JAECO Orthopedic's product manuals are stored as Adobe Acrobat files. To view them you need Acrobat. Download/Install Acrobat Reader


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